Billie Dunn Hires a Private Investigator

Hailey vanished in December of 2010 while walking to a friends house.

Billie Dunn is now working with a private investigator.

Victor Sotelo found out, when he went to Austin to speak to Billie Dunn and her investigator, that they already have leads and are following up.

Billie Dunn said, "I just wish I could get her, I just wish I knew where she was, I just wish for sure I knew she was there and I could just walk in and grab my daughter and bring her home."

Billie Dunn said she believes her daughter is still alive, "I want her back, I want my daughter home, I want my son to quit hurting, I want her to quit hurting, it horrible to know that your children are suffering and you cant do anything to ease their pain."

Dunn said she is more determined than ever, after 22 months of Hailey missing, "It's devastating , my daughter was thirteen, an innocent baby when she left."

Dunn says authorities have told her that they are following up on new leads.

She has also enlisted in the help of a private investigator who has taken her case free of charge.

"This case, it's interesting, I kind of followed it from the beginning," said private investigator Mac Sanford.

Sanford is a private investigator out of Houston who has had some success in the recent past in a kidnapping case.

Sanford said, "I'd been working in the Alley Lowitzer case."

He said, "I found a lot of good evidence that the authorities are running with now."

Lowistzer went missing in Spring, Texas.

Billie hopes he can do the same thing in Hailey's case.

The people they are looking at first are watching this case closely and already know he is on it.

"They immediately voiced their opposition to hiring a private investigator on Facebook and various places on the internet, you know the internet in just a cesspool of rumors and misinformation," said Sanford.

Sanford says this case will take lots of time, lots of driving and Billie says lots of praying.

"Please have that hope that she is alive, keep looking for her, keep praying, it's working," said Dunn.

The investigator also said Hailey was taken by someone she knows.

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