Breckenridge Man Claims He Was Hit While Handcuffed

It was only Thursday that Jose Reyes was released from the hospital. However, stitches and bruising can still be seen on his face.

According to Reyes, he was talking to law enforcement officers in Breckenridge during a traffic stop for another person. At one point, Reyes claims officers suddenly told him he was under arrest. Reyes says he asked why -- that's when he claims he was pepper sprayed, hand cuffed, and beaten by more than one person..

"(An officer) said 'I can do anything I want he said I'm a police officer,' but I said I didn't think there was a reason," said Reyes.

Reyes says he blacked out after the beating but remembers parts of what happened next.

"When they handcuffed me, the guy he started hitting me and it's all I can remember. I remember some things but when they take me to the jail, that's when they put me on the shower and that's when I wake up in a sense like I lost my mind because I can't remember nothing but wake up in the hospital in Abilene," said Reyes.

Reyes says he spent the next three days recovering from his injuries. The hospital told Reyes he had a concussion, needed a ventilator to breathe, had severe bruising and needed stitches.

"I don't think there was a reason for them to try or for them to try and say I was under arrest because I didn't do nothing," added Reyes.

The Stephens County Sheriff's Department says Reyes was resisting arrest and refused medical treatment. A statement also says a deputy also received medical treatment.

The Texas Rangers are looking into the incident.

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