Brownwood Art Center Advancing the Arts in the Big Country

Published 08/26 2014 10:16PM

Updated 08/26 2014 11:19PM

A part of Brownwood for over 80 years, the Brownwood Art Association has become a large part of the city's history.

"This is one of the...or it is the oldest art association in Texas, it was formed in 1927," Tommy Munster, President of the Brownwood Art Association, said.

Since its formation, the art center has been helping to establish local artists. The center additionally serves the community by exhibiting the importance of art through its gallery shows and workshops.

"I think it's very important, very important because it helps you get in contact with yourself personally. On a level that no one else can get in contact with you like that," Jeremy Serna, a teacher at the Art Association, said.

The center showcases local artist's work and also holds multiple weekly classes. Regardless of talent, the center offers classes to artists of all skill levels.

"I think these people have challenged me in lots of different ways and I've taken some art classes, I've done like Muse and Merlot and being around people like that, they encourage you in different parts of your life so, it's neat stuff," Brandi Wright, Spokesperson of the Brownwood Art Association, said.

According to Wright, the building is an inviting place that encourages everyone to take part in Brownwood's artistic side. "I wish people would, stumble in and just get to know some of the people who sit around and just chat and just sit back and encourage the other artists," Wright said.

Standing for 87 years, the building has undergone numerous renovations over the years in order to continue accommodating the artists in the area.

The Brownwood Art Association is located at 215 Fisk Street in Brownwood and hosts an art appreciation class open to the public on the first Thursday of every month.

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