Brownwood Business Owner Serves the Heartland with Chicken and Frozen Yogurt

Published 07/14 2014 10:34PM

Updated 07/14 2014 11:06PM

Chicken Express may be known for it's sweet tea but the Chicken Express in Early is known for having some of the hardest workers and the friendliest customer service that you'll find. But like in most businesses, the only way to get your employees to smile like this, is to be a great boss, like Ben Kennedy.

Ben Kennedy found his way to Brownwood in order to attend Howard Payne University. Ben Kennedy explains, "I graduated in 2007, December 2007 with a business degree."

Once he realized the opportunities Brownwood had for him he acted on it and decided to stay in town. "My dream was to have my own business, so this seemed like a good window of opportunity to take at the time. And it's worked out pretty well thus far," Kennedy told us. 

Just six years after his graduation Ben opened up his own business in the Brownwood Mall. It's called The Chilled Spoon and it's one of the first frozen yogurt shops to come to Brownwood. "My wife and I love the self serve frozen yogurt concept and we got tired of driving to Abilene and Stephenville to get frozen yogurt because those were the two closest places. So we were like 'hey, let's open one here,'" says Kennedy. 

So they did and, ever since, customers have been steadily showing up to get some frozen yogurt. And no matter who works for Ben, either at Chicken Express or the Chilled Spoon, they all seem to like having him as a boss.

One employee, Josh Todd explains that, "He keeps up with every single one of his employees like they're not just another employee to him. He makes a bond with each one of his employees, it may be a different kind of bond but everyone of his employees he makes a bond with."

He's also made an impact in the community by donating as many gallons of tea and cups as possible to all local sporting events.

"You know, it's a joy working with Ben he's a hard working individual he really likes to give back to the community you know going to Howard Payne here. He loves giving back to the school. He loves to give back to football and baseball," says Eric McCorckel, an assistant manager. 

"You know we are all over the place so I try to help and donate to the high schools and the booster clubs or any rec or any benefits or any way that we can help out even if it just tea and cups," says Kennedy. 

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