Brownwood Police Searching for Mailbox Vandals

Published 07/09 2014 09:07PM

Updated 07/09 2014 10:19PM

Residents of on Indian Creek, 4th street, 3rd Street and Phillips were struck by vandalism to their neighborhood. According to Assistant Chief Fuller, "The criminal mischief that happens to our mailboxes generally occurs towards the Spring, Summer and the Fall; more of the warmer weather when kids are out. Especially when juveniles are out of school they just, you know, tend to need something to do so they end up going around smashing mailboxes."

Not only were mailboxes found smashed and on the ground but trash cans were also found tipped over in the road. Police officers believe the ones who destroyed the mailboxes are also responsible for the trashcans and they hope to catch them before they get any other ideas.

Chief Fuller continues saying, "The only time some of these criminals get the point, is when they are caught. The only point that they get is that they got caught. They don't see the point that destroying other people's property as being a real problem."

One resident woke up just in time to see a wreck-less driver in the 7/11 parking lot and another says there's a group of teenagers that hang out at a nearby park until late hours of the night. He states that some of the kids have spoken about committing vandalism to the town in the past. Brownwood resident Micheal Gomez says "They like to talk about how they hate the school or how they want to egg it or egg something or just...or they'll go and get something like get fireworks and just...I don't know...just teenage boys wanting to break things."

But Assistant Chief Fuller is fully confident that they will find the ones responsible. "You know we don't have a horrible track record of catching them," he says. "We're actually pretty good at it because for some reason in the community, as well when these criminals are out running around destroying mailboxes, there's always a citizen that is awake."

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