Can You Tell if this $5 is Real?

Just days after a woman tried to pay for gas with a fake $100 dollar bill, Angelica Aquino waits her turn at the exact same gas station to fill up her tank. It makes her furious that people continue to make counterfeit money and then steal from others.

"That's horrible for the worker especially because he has to while he's on his job (figure out) that somebody's paying with fake money," said Aquino.

Detective John Clark with the Abilene Police Department says it's unusual for people to try and pass off larger bills.

"Generally twenties are the most common bill that's passed, hundreds tend to be scrutinized much more closely," said Clark.

Police records show the employee at the HEB gas station in Abilene was suspicious of the $100 dollar bill, asked the woman about it, who then ran. That same day, a woman attempted to buy something using a fake $5 dollar bill at the Albertsons down the road. A man reportedly went into a First Cash Advance and cashed a check for almost a thousand dollars using a bogus account.

"We've been in a down cycle for counterfeit money for several weeks, maybe even 6-8 weeks, we haven't had any cases at all and generally what happens is people get the idea that 'ooh would be a good idea to do again' so we get resurges in counterfeit money," said Clark.

Another surge in counterfeit money around town has Aquino checking her own wallet to see if she's been handed the real deal.

"Whenever you pay with real money and they give you back your change you never know if it's real or fake." said Aquino.

Abilene Police say that bills made prior to 1985 have usually proven to be counterfeit money.

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