Car Crash in North Abilene Kills One and Damages a Tanning Salon

Published 04/09 2014 07:39PM

Updated 04/09 2014 08:25PM

An Abilene man, with a possible medical condition, drove into The Hot Spot Tanning Salon on North 1st street. That's after he ran over a woman walking on South 1st street.

Maryjane Aguillon stopped to help after she said another witness was yelling for help. "And nobody would stop, so I came back around when I seen that," she said while pointing to a big hole in the Hot Spot store front.

It's not till they went inside to try to help the driver that Maryjane realized she knew the man driving the vehicle. "When we finally got the doors open I realized it was my aunt's brother," says Aguillon.

She says the driver had been complaining of head aches for the last few days and was scheduled to see the doctor on Monday. "He did not recognize me. He didn't even acknowlage he was in a wreck. He was totaly dazed," explains Aguillon.

A medical condition may be the only explanation for the path he took to get here. According to the Abilene Police Department, the driver started out on South 1st street. "The vehical continued across South 1st, across the rail road tracks, across North 1st and then into the busness here on North 1st," explains Sargent Richie Wagner.

The driver manage to avoid traffic on both South and North 1st, and luckily a train was not headed down the tracks. However, he was not able to avoid a pedestrian who happened to be walking down South 1st when the driver of the small suv first started having problems.

76-year-old Barbara Hackett of Abilene died from her injuries. The driver, 54-year-old Redalpho Berma is from Tye and is in critical condition at the hospital.

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