City of Sweetwater Staying Ahead of Drought With Completion of A Water Well Project

Published 08/18 2014 08:25PM

Updated 08/18 2014 10:23PM

The  City of Sweetwater is looking to stay ahead of the drought by completing a water well project.

For the past year, the city has been building six water wells to add to its existing 34 wells at Hunter Well Fields. In 2000, the city purchased 250 acres of land for the wells. However, they could not utilize all of the land due to lack of funds.

That was the case until the Texas Water Development Board provided a financial plan to add the six wells.

"We are very dependent on our water fields at this present time," Eddie Brown, Sweetwater city manager said.

Approximately 70% of water supplied to residents come from water wells. The rest is pulled from surface water at Oak Creek Reservoir. However, the reservoir has been rapidly drying up.

"We project it to stop producing water in the next year if it does not rain significantly," adds Brown.

Adding six wells is beneficial since it is expected to produce up to one-million gallons per day. Right now, the city uses 2.5 million gallons daily.

"We can let the water wells relax and do a rotation," says Brown. "It just helps with management."

The project costs nearly 2 million dollars but the city is paying it off through loans provided by the Texas Water Development Board.

The six wells should be used by the end of September after TCEQ tests out the water.

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