CityLink Under New Management, Having Issues

The Abilene transit system is under new management and now some complaints are coming to the surface and one supervisor has walked of the job, claiming workplace bullying.
But it doesn't stop there, a passenger has also come forward speaking out about changes she has seen as a rider.

Evalyn Harris lives at the Arbors at Rose Park Retirement Center, on the second floor.

She depends on the City Link door to door van for transportation, and she also depends on the driver of the van taking a few extra steps.

"For me, when I have to take my cart to get groceries and it's too heavy for me to push, the drivers are always willing to bring my cart into my apartment."

But she says a few weeks ago a driver took her off the van and left her just inside the doors of the building.

"She said she could no longer do that".

She says it's changes she has seen since a supervisor walked out a couple of weeks ago.

That former supervisor is Lisa Massy who said;

"Every meeting with her is a threat, she is going to fire somebody."

She says she walked out because of workplace bullying and several negative changes to policy, and that she is not the only one who left City Link. Massy also said others are considering doing the same thing after a new general manager was hired.

"She informed us that she was put there to take care of business and that's what she was going to do".

We contacted the City Link general manager, who said she would not comment on the story or former employees.

She did say the city of Abilene is aware of the situation, and that she could take any negative publicity.

Meanwhile Evelyn Harris wishes it would go back to the way it was.

"Now its as if City Link has no compassion where it did before," said Harris.

The city of Abilene would not comment either, saying CityLink is a contract service.

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