Colorado City Residents Sift Through Rubble After Wildfire

Numerous Homes burned down along Highway 208 in and around Colorado City Sunday night. 

Jerry Strain, owner of the Strain Ranch, has lived there for 30 years.  Sunday night, her home burned to the ground. 

On Monday afternoon, her family gave KTAB's Michelle Ashworth a tour of what's left of the home. 

Her family tells us Jerry was only able to get her medication and a few pieces of jewelry out of her house before it went up in flames. 

The house now looks much like the remains of forts like the one on Lake Fort Phantom Hill.  Only the outside brick walls remain, and even those are badly damaged.  The entire floor is covered in ash, rubble and charred objects.  Family members tell us one of the only recognizable things left in the house is the fireplace with the family brand.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the blaze which burned thousands of acres in Mitchell County Sunday night.

Strain says will find another place nearby to live.  She tells us she hopes her grandchildren will rebuild on the site of the burned home.

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