Concerns Grow for Loved Ones Near Tsunami

When Janeigh Stalling heard that a massive quake triggered a tsunami off the northern coast of Japan, she immediately worried about her family living off the Pacific Coast.

"They're in American Samoa," said Stalling. "My uncle and my cousin live there but they have friends that are in Japan and Tokyo and Sendai where a majority of the damage happened."

Stalling's family was fortunately not one of the hundreds of people killed after the disaster.

"First thing I heard was from my uncle this morning and it was about 8 a.m. our time and he said the waves hadn't hit yet, that they were waiting on them and they'd pretty much evacuated everybody. They'd gotten everyone up to higher ground," said Stalling.

Stalling is thankful her family is still alive, however the complete devastation in Japan has left her emotions running high.

"My heart sank. I've never seen nature that way. The way the water moved you could tell it was unstoppable. If you were in it's wake you were gone. You watched people wash away, everything they had wash away," said Stalling.

According to Japan's Kyoto News Agency, tens of thousands of people have been displaced after the disaster.

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