Confusion Over Names Printed in Warrant Roundup List

Abilene's Municipal Court has been overflowing with residents looking to pay legal debts in order to avoid jail time, but many people were surprised to be on that list.

Michael Wawee is one of many people standing in line at the Municipal Court office.

"It says that I have a citation for a warrant or something I didn't even know I had one," said Wawee.

Wawee along with 14,000 other people were published on Sunday as part of the "Warrant Roundup." Court Administrator with the City of Abilene, Teresa Borcik, says the list includes people with open cases, delinquent files and active warrants.

"Every person that's come into our office today has had an open citation not everybody who's listed in the paper had an active warrant. In fact we only have 7,000 outstanding warrants," said Borcik.

Turns out Wawee had three outstanding citations from September 14, 2005; failure to yield right of way, driving without a valid drivers license and leaving the scene of an accident, totaling over $600 dollars.

He doesn't have a warrant out for his arrest, instead the city put Wawee on a payment plan. Borcik says it's better to come into court and take care of it yourself, adding their goal is not to put you behind bars.

"We do arrest people routinely for outstanding warrants our goal here though is to close cases so if they come in we will try to work with them we'll be everything we can to prevent them from having to go to jail," added Borcik.

Relieved to be walking out today...Wawee's recollection of the accident started to come back.

"(The) guy was behind another pickup pulled up around him sped up and hit me while I was making a turn...I had a feeling that's what it might be but I wasn't sure," said Wawee.

Law enforcement encourages anyone to make sure they know why their name could be on this list-rather then having them come after you.

Nearly 82,000 dollars was taken into the Abilene Municipal Court office on Monday.

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