Couple Loses Home After Learning They're Expecting a Baby Boy

Digging, sorting, searching, that's all Bobby Formy and Ashlin Lane have been doing since they lost their home to a fire.

A year worth of memories, destroyed in under 15 min. 

"It's something that you see on TV, you never imagine that it would happen to you," said Lane.

They're looking for anything that's salvageable from their first home, but its not much.

"The only thing you see that's inside the shed is what we have left," said Formy.

The hardest part is that this may all have been done intentionally.

Investigators have ruled the cause of the fire as arson and Tye Police have arrested two kids who may be at fault.

"I do forgive them, I just hope they've learned their lessons," said Lane.

There has been one glimmer of hope, they've found one of their three cats they thought they had lost in the fire.

"Its burned, that could have been me burned," said Lane.

So now there are two new members of their family to find a home for.

The other, a baby boy, whose room they had just finished decorating.

"Just knowing that we don have that place, the baby rooms gone, everything, it hurts," said Lane.

"It hurts in many ways and I look at is at look at the bright side and move on, I mean, stuff happens in life and you get bumps in the road and you've just got to keep moving on," said Formy.
For now moving on may be easier said than done.

All of their belongings are now just ashes.

After a years worth of building, now, theyll have to start all over.

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