Creation Pieces Made from a 600 Year Old Tree

By Victor Sotelo |

Published 04/18 2014 06:37PM

Updated 04/18 2014 07:44PM

This story is 600 years in the making. It started when a giant oak tree fell on a structure in Buffalo Gap in 1996. Pieces of this tree are now scattered all over Abilene and the United States. The story's message rings true on this Easter weekend.

The stump of the tree is now a part of Shades of Hope Treatment Center in Buffalo Gap, surrounded by a gazebo. "The owner out there called us, and said that their tree had fallen," explains Martin Haught, the owner of a tree service business in Abilene. Soon after he was called out to take care of the fallen tree, Haught received a phone call from a friend. "He saw it on the news and he came to me and said, I want that wood and then he said I'll even help you take it down."

His friend, Stan Riggs, called them "Creation pieces" and he made over 200 hundred of them, no two alike, and gave many of them away. Martin Haught got one of the earlier pieces, but we found others.

One is at Piersall-Benton Funeral Home, on the 700 block of Butternut. It is displayed in a front room and anybody there is happy to talk about it, including Marian Piersall. "I've actually had people come in and say, 'Is it alright if I use my cell phone to take a picture of this?'," says Piersall.

We also found one here at Highland Church of Christ, where the Riggs and his wife were members. It was a church member who summed up this story best, "Gods creation can be preserved in a beautiful way. It glorifies him."

We spoke to Rigg's daughters who live in California. They say they know of Creations pieces that have made it to Chicago, California and other places around the U.S.

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