Dining In Support of a Friend

These diners are eating and remembering an old friend.

"She was a very warm-hearted person, there wasn't anybody that she could meet that she did not welcome into her life, that she was not friends with," says school mate Lisa Simpson.

Andrea Romero was diagnosed with lupus at the young age of seventeen. After receiving what was thought to be a life-saving a kidney transplant less than a year ago, she died of cancer this past Sunday.

"She's battled this now for twenty years. And I couldn't imagine going through it," says Simpson.

Today, strangers and friends alike dined to raise money for the many medical bills left behind.

"We wanted to help her family out and let them know that we care and we love her very much," says Simpson.

15% of every sale goes back to the family and although some diners didn't know Andrea, they did relate to the pain she felt.

"I've been through cancer myself and I know it's really hard on the family," says Kay Gerdts.

This familiarity moved her to come and make a small difference.

"Can't do a whole lot but I thought, OK this will help a little. So I felt like I could at least do this," says Gerdts.

Good food, good intentions and a bustling crowd all for one woman who's battle will never be forgotten.

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