Disturbing News Amidst Eastland County Kidnapping Case

By Victor Sotelo | vsotelo@ktab.tv

Published 01/07 2014 10:21PM

Updated 01/10 2014 01:34PM

We have more disturbing news out of Eastland County. We reported to you Sunday that a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, stabbed, and left for dead at Lake Cisco. 21-year-old Clayton Fought was arrested and charged with the crime. Now one Eastland County couple is saying it could have all been prevented if authorities would have followed up on reports claiming that their daughters were molested by Fought.

In a disturbing interview, we are concealing the identities of one of those parents, so as not to identify two of her daughters whose mother says were victimized at the hands of Clayton Fought. She described to us how she found out Fought was arrested.

"I thought, oh my gosh, this poor little girl, how could somebody do that? I'm reading and reading," she said. You can't see her face, but the long pauses, her hand gestures, and the emotion in her voice says it all as she tells her story. "I see a name, and its the same person that's hurt my babies, and I just gasped, that's all I could do."

The Eastland County mother says it was 8 months ago that two of her daughters were interviewed on video tape during an investigation into allegations of sexual assault. "They said there was no doubt in their minds that this had happened," she said as she was telling us what she was told by police. The suspect was Clayton Fought.

The mother of the two girls says it happened when they were younger, about four or five years ago. Again, as to not I.D. the victims, we will not say where or how Fought had the opportunity to be alone with the girls.

The mother said, "The initial police officer who took our case had did his job, he got all the evidence together, we even, in fact, told them where they could locate this person." But after the investigative work was done, she and her husband were led to believe a case was being made against Fought and charges would be coming. She said, "Our case had not even been filed. It had been sitting on a desk for the last 8 months, and nothing had been done."

After the news of Fought's arrest she did get some information about her case. "That our charges, are supposed to be put on top of this girls now, 8 months later." But she says too little too late.

She said, "If those charges would have been taken care of like they should have been, in the beginning, there would be no other girls charges, we believe. This poor little girl would not be going through what she is going through."

So whose desk was the case left on? The mother tells KTAB News that Eastland Police told her the Texas Rangers took over the case. Today we talked to the Texas Rangers, who say they were never asked to look at the case.

We also talked to the Eastland County District Attorney, who says he was made aware of the two other pending cases at 11:00am this morning (which was after we started digging for details). After several calls to the Eastland Police Department they have not returned our calls.

Clayton Fought's mother said tonight, her son has never been questioned in any other investigation.

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