Early High School Honors Former Athletes

Published 07/08 2014 10:22PM

Updated 07/08 2014 10:48PM

The Early High School Athletic Department is asking for people to send in photos and any information of previous E.H.S. athletes that later went on to perform at a college level or higher. They'd like to add these photos to their walls of honor for both girls and guys athletics.

"When I got here there wasn't much tradition, I mean there's been tradition, but there wasn't anything stated for the kids to see and we...you know we wanted to bring something in and show off that we have some tradition you know being right next to Brownwood and all the success Brownwood's had we...want to show that we've had some too and we want our kids to see that," explains Coach Kent Hawthorne.

The walls of honor currently contain 20 athletes from the past years that range from 1959 to 2014. Coach Hawthorne hopes to see the wall continue to grow in the future.

Hawthorne says, "It doesn't matter what sport we just want to get them on the wall and I don't care if it's golf, tennis or whatever it is lets just get them on the wall and show that we've done something and give them a measuring stick to try and add up to it"

We asked, "What are you going to do once this wall is full?" Coach Hawthorne explains they will, "Start on this wall. Then I'm going to start on that wall, then I'm going to start on that wall, then we'll move into the dressing rooms or whatever we've got to do I hope we fill them up."

The athletic department is asking that if you or someone you know played college sports and went to Early High School, then let the department know so you can be apart of this new tradition of inspiring aspiring athletes.

Hawthorne concludes saying, "Confidence...all that stuff comes into play...to get on that board is big."

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