Emotions are Mixed Among Abilene Residents Days After Shooting

No one has been arrested in the case of an Abilene shooting and many people in the community want to know why.

Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge addressed the issue today by releasing a statement today saying, "It is tempting in this case, where a man was shot at 3pm on a busy south side street, to focus solely on the actual shooting. However all aspects of this incident must be considered."

It's been two days since the shooting and many people like Sarah Higgins say they're still in shock.

"I'm astonished! If someone shoots someone they should be taken in regardless, I mean there were a lot of witnesses apparently," said Higgins.

Others in the community are now questioning the Texas law that allows drivers to carry concealed weapons as long as they have a license and are not an ex-convict.

"Carrying guns, waving guns, it's not necessary there's the police for that call 911. I just think it's shocking more than anything," said Elizabeth Lomeli.

Shannon Boykin says she fully supports the shooter's decision to draw fire.

"I would've done exactly what he had done, I'd have shot and asked questions later cause it's mine against his and if he's got a gun first then I'm going to pull mine and Im going to shoot it," said Boykin.

However many say they're upset no one is behind bars.

"You would think somebody would've gotten arrested but if they're calling it self defense, but sounds like it wasn't really self defense because the other guy could've drove off," said Verlee Pryce.

Several viewers have told KTAB they still don't understand why police haven't made an arrest in this case. While others like Lomeli say they trust Abilene Police are handling the situation.

"I think they do a very well job, a good job at that, so I have faith in them and of course the law so hopefully it'll get better," said Lomeli.

Here's what viewers also told us our KTAB Facebook page:

"I don't care who he is...He should be in jail!!! Since when does anybody shoot someone in the face, or anywhere else for that matter, and just walk away?
-Doris Veretto Vinson

"The only reason the shooter isnt in jail yet is because the victim pulled a gun out first! Shooter has a right to defend himself..."
-Billy Morris

"I am still wondering why this person's name has not been released? Had it been you or I our name would be out there..."
-Maricela Romero Burress

"All of them are in my prayers. Im not taking a side on any of this, just that its a senseless thing that should never have happened..."
-Robert McMillin

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