Explosives Found in Abilene Home

The Abilene Bomb Squad was called out to dispose of some explosives at a South Abilene home.

It around 8 P.M. Monday evening at Jackson and Jeanette streets.

According to Sergeant Lynn Beard with the Abilene police department's bomb squad, a family was going through the home of a relative who had passed away.

Inside they found some live unexploded devices. APD is not releasing exactly what they found.

They used an unmanned robot to pick up a package of explosives in the garage and put them in the bomb trailer. Neighborhood resident Blake Adams told us what happened.

Adams and another neighbor, Adam Foster, watched from inside a house after police told them to stay inside.

They asked the officer what was going on, but the officer only told them to stay inside.

The bomb squad, escorted by other police vehicles, headed to the Abilene police firing range where the explosives were detonated

Sgt. Beard tells KTAB the devices had been kept in the home for some time, but were just found by family members late Thursday afternoon.

The devices had the potential to do quite a bit of damage. That's why police kept the area shut off until the package was safely contained.

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