Fairmont Apartment Residents Fed Up with Parking Problems

When you first pull into the Pine Meadows Apartment Community, you may notice several signs posted throughout the property stating; "this area is resident parking only". These signs are posted as warnings to drivers that if they don't have a permit, they could get towed overnight and on the weekends.

"I feel disgusted with it because I have parents that live out of town and my Mom's already had her car towed twice," said resident Robert James.

James has lived at the Fairmont Apartments in Pine Meadows for over two years and said that even though his family continues to park in designated spots, they've ended up shelling out hundreds of dollars.

"(My parents) can't afford it, people around here really can't afford anything," said James.

Patty Montes just moved into Fairmont and says even with sufficient required signs, it's still not clear to everyone where their supposed to park.

Judy Harris, Property Supervisor for Fairmont and Pine Meadows, said they go over the correct parking areas with tenants when they first sign a lease. Harris said the parking situation is designed to protect residents so they have enough parking and that it helps them control unauthorized tenants.

"It's helpful a little bit, not much but it's helpful to get around," added James.

According to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation the company that tows for Pine Meadows, Rodriguez Towing & Recovery, has a current towing license and owner told KTAB they only tow away vehicles without permits in resident spots or if requested by management.

Still, Montes thinks there should be a warning system to give people a break.

"They should at least get some kind of notice saying that their vehicles going to get towed away," said Montes.

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