Family of 9 Loses Their Home to House Fire in Breckenridge

This is what is left of a home in Breckenridge after an electrical fire spread quickly through out the home.

The family is safe now but that may not be the case if it weren't for some neighbors and a brave mother.

Mother Vicky Campbell said "We have nothing, we have to start over, and I don't even know were to start."

Vicky said the first scary moment was when she knew the fire was out of control.

"I am screaming because none of them were awake and I am carrying them out one by one," said Campbell.

The next was when she realized one of her kids wasn't accounted for.

"I almost didn't get Joseph out of the house, I start counting heads and a realized he was missing, oh he is still in the house," said Campbell.

She ran back inside and grabbed him from a burning couch.

Campbell said "I thought we were going die in that house."

"I grabbed him a I threw him on the floor and I drop down to the floor and I start screaming for somebody to get us cause I cant see to get out, and all I know is I felt somebody grab me and pull me out onto the porch," said Campbell.

A neighbor came to their rescue and dragged them out.

Campbell's husband was still in the house, so her neighbor Jesse Merrbaugh ran in to get him out.

"I was expecting to go inside and tell him the house was on fire but the house was already filled with smoke," said Merrbaugh.
Jade, one of the seven children said, "They had to take my daddy to the emergency room because his nose and mouth were full of smoke."

Another one of the family members, Jasmine said "my momma sat there by Rob's yard sitting down watching the house burn down."

Everybody is okay now but one of the kids is disabled, and can't walk, her wheelchair was also burned in the fire.

But this morning there was at least one glimmer of hope. The family dog was found safe and sound found by those same neighbors.

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