Father & Daughter Reunited after 49 Years

Today Donna Hogan is smiling for a very special reason. She knows that in just a few minutes her father, a man she hasn't seen since she was 7-months-old, is about to walk into the room.

"I was born in Hawaii and my Mom and Dad never married and I've tried finding him over the years but had no luck and one day almost a year ago I got on a computer and got on a search engine and put in his name..." said Hogan.

Hogan was able to track down her father's phone number. The two spoke and continued to exchange daily e-mails for a year until, Don Milton made the long drive from Florida to Texas to see his daughter.

However the road to their reunion hasn't been an easy one.

"I kept coming up on dead ends, you even came up dead once! (laughs)," Hogan said to her father.

And since their very first phone conversation Don has kept one picture of his daughter, the only image he has of her childhood, on his phone for everyone to see.

"This is a picture of Donna when she was 6-years-old," said Milton, smiling.

Although separated for most of their lives this father and daughter showed up today wearing almost identical outfits.

"You think people get their personalities from their parents if they're raised with their parents but we found we have so many things in common that with not knowing each other all these years it's not by who you're raised it's hereditary," said Hogan.

Almost instantly these two strangers fell into a comfortable banter and are now working on building their father daughter relationship.

Donna says she wanted to share her reunion to give other people searching for their relatives hope, that if given enough time and patience you could see the face you've been searching for.

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