FDA Allows Girls As Young As 15 Years Old to Purchase "Plan B"

Soon anyone with identification showing they are at least 15 will be able to purchase Plan B One Step over the counter.

Girls as young as 15 will soon be able to buy Plan B One Step over the counter. Until now anyone under 17 needed a prescription to buy the morning after pill but under the Food and Drug Administration's decision, all someone needs is identification showing they are 15.

Groups like the family research council say young girls should not be making these decisions without their doctors or families.

But women's groups wish the decision came with no age restriction.

The age restriction may still be dropped. Earlier this month a federal judge ruled the FDA must make the drug available to anyone regardless of age. There's still no final decision in that case.

Plan B does not end a pregnancy. It prevents ovulation if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. The drug's maker has to change its packaging to meet the FDA's new requirements. That is expected to take a few months.

The FDA's ruling applies only to Plan B One Step and not to generic versions.

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