Former Acadia Abilene Employees Come Foward With Serious Allegations

Complaints coming from former employees of Acadia Abilene have sent both the joint commission and the Texas Department of State and Health Services to the South Abilene campus.
KTAB's Victor Sotelo looked into the allegations.
According to their website, Acadia Abilene provides treatment of specialty behavioral health and addiction disorders. The staff consists of several psychiatric doctors, staff and nurses.
A nursing staff that Kim Vickers and Betty Reed used to be a part of. Now that they are no longer employed by Acadia Abilene, the woman are speaking out about what they say goes on behind those walls. They say it was these types of complaints that got them fired from Acadia.
Each wrote the state with their concerns and each received a letter saying the Texas Department of State and Health Services was looking into what goes on at Acadia.
Because Acadia is listed as a hospital, the state could not say if they were investigating, and could only comment on a case if any action was taken against the facility being investigated.
There have been no such actions taken as of yet. An Acadia representative who could not speak on camera said the two former nurses were disgruntled employees.
The Joint Commission made a surprise visit to the facility last Monday. According to their website, last Monday's visit by the Joint Commission was not on the site yet but there was results from a 2011 visit. Check marks and pluses are passing marks and a look at the results shows all check marks and pluses.
Still the two former employees say they will continue to speak about what they say while employed at Acadia. They say it is because a sense of duty.
We also had other former employees who were willing to come forward with information including a former charge nurse who says she quit and was not fired.

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