Former Students Suing American Commercial College

Four former American Commercial College students are suing the school less than a week after federal agents raided several of the college's campuses.

The students are suing the college for deceptive trade practices and breach of contract, among other claims.

The suit says the school helped students obtain federal students loans to pay for their classes, but when the students got excess money left over from the loans from the government the school would make the students hand that money back over to the school in cash.

The suit alleges those kickbacks were often between $300 and $700.

The students are also saying in the suit the school was deceptive in its job placement claims.

The suit says students were told the school would help them get a job when they graduated, but they say that never happened.

Instead they say of the 30 to 40 people in their class only one or two students got jobs.

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