Going Green: Looking For Ways To Help With Allergies

Published 01/30 2014 04:44PM

Updated 01/30 2014 06:34PM

In today’s day and age you can find any information you're looking for online. Some of it is true, but some of it my not be.
You can find numerous articles online talking about different plants and how they can purify the air as well as help with allergies. Dr. Ashley Hall in Abilene has never heard of such a miracle working plant.  On the other hand she does recommend rinsing with saline washes.

“Doing those once or twice a day while the pollen is driving you crazy will really wash out all of the mucus.”

Local gardeners were new to the idea too. So the hunt for an air purifying plant continues, in particular one that helps with allergies.

According to Dr. Hall, Mountain Cedar blooms in the winter and can cause anything from a runny nose to scratchy eyes.

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