Going Green: Texas Trash off

Abilene is a beautiful city, but trash can be a real eye sore.  So Keep Abilene Beautiful is asking for a little bit of help from you.

"Churches civic groups family members anyone who wants to join with the beautification of Abilene." Said Ray Grothaus, president of Keep Abilene Beautiful.

And Keep Abilene Beautiful is keeping it exciting by adding food and prizes.

"We actually have a prize this year for largest participating group and prize for oddest piece of trash," said Ray Grothaus.

So if seeing garbage lying around gets you angry, you can do something about it.

"You can sit around and complain and say it looks bad but unless take action you become more involved." Said Ray Grothaus.

To get involved email
Nicole.Eaves@abilenetx.com or click here.

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