Going Green With Green Bags In Abilene

Published 05/08 2014 12:22PM

Updated 05/08 2014 06:56PM

When you go to the grocery store you don’t want to forget anything. A reusable bag may be one of those items.

"We gave them away for free pretty close to the opening of their new store here.” Stephanie is a cashier over at United in Abilene.

A good percent of customers still use plastic bags over their own personal one. Some customers find it hard to remember to bring their own.

Stephanie has several reusable bags herself.

"It's just a learning process,’ says Stephanie.

Some shoppers are getting the hang of it.

"I have about thirty, it's just easier,” says one customer at United.

She recommends grabbing five or six bags at a time.

One man got the idea from his daughter in Austin.

"Keeps me from having to throw plastic away,” he says.

Each bag is made out of a different material, depending on the fabric you may have to wash them by hand. They come in different sizes too.

"I can get a lot at once with those bags,’ says Stephanie.

Taking a look back at a new way to go green and seeing how far we've come.

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