Hailey's Relatives React to City Manager's Comments

The reward is now set at $15,000 dollars for any information that leads to Hailey Dunn's whereabouts.

"We certainly understand as being in administration and being related to our local police department that Hailey may be deceased that may be our complete thinking that she is deceased but I am saying that she may also be under duress," said Colorado City Manager, Pete Kampfer.

Kampfer says he believes Hailey is being held against her will or is already deceased. Kampfer went on to say he hopes the change in wording on Hailey's missing signs will encourage anyone with information on Hailey's location to come forward.

"From the beginning statements were being made that 'she was deceased or under duress' that is basically how they were working their criminal investigation by law enforcement," said Kampfer.

However news that Hailey had been declared-instead of believed-to be deceased quickly spread to several of Hailey's family members in town.

"I've been balling all morning, my husband made me get off the internet, we came (to City Hall) because they said all this junk then they wouldn't even let us into the press conference," said one of Hailey's relatives, Malinda Salazar.

Previous flyers have stated information was also needed for a successful prosecution or safe return of Hailey, now law enforcement are hoping more tips will come in by broadening their search.

"If we take out those contingencies that no aspects maybe even second hand to the location of Hailey and there may be any possibility that somebody has made a statement that knows where she is," added Kampfer.

If you have information on Hailey Dunn's whereabouts, Colorado City Police ask that you contact them at 1-800-THE-LOST.

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