How Much Does Race Play in Abilene's College Admissions?

Published 06/24 2013 09:47PM

Updated 06/24 2013 10:41PM

Supreme court justices ruled to move a case that made it over to the supreme court concerning a University of Texas student who says she wasn't accepted because she was white down to the lower courts.

Many colleges are required to admit a certain number of minorities in order to offer diversity on their campuses.

We asked the enrollment services director at Abilene Christian Univ. whether minorities have an advantage in their admissions process.

She says no.  Each campus' system is different, and in the case of ACU, they say they look at overall performance during each applicants senior year in high school (or previous studies) as they main factor before determining whether they are the right fit to go to their school.

However, they do admit that race does play a role.  They say statistics show that minorities (In particular Hispanics and African Americans) tend to score lower on standardized tests and therefore, those scores cannot be the end all be all in their selection process. 

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