How Safe Are Big Country Bridges?

According to the latest rankings on "Deficient Bridges" in the nation, by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Texas ranks 49th in least number of structurally deficient bridges. 

That may be a good thing, however, how many of our bridges fit into that category of "structurally deficient?"

Here in the Big Country we have more than 1700 bridges. 

Out of those, seven state bridges and 43 others (county, city) fit into that category. 

Representatives at TxDot assure us, however, that the term "structurally deficient" doesn't mean they are unsafe. 

It means that they are eligible for federal grants that will pay for repairs.

TxDot is currently working on repairing those seven, but it could take a few years for them to do so.

The Rainy Creek Bridge in Abilene is currently undergoing a more than $2 million renovation and should be completed by next year. 

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