Individuals from Iraq Sit Down with Eastland County Oil and Gas Officials

Published 05/20 2014 07:51PM

Updated 05/20 2014 08:02PM

Individuals from Iraq sat down with Eastland County oil and gas officials, at the Eastland Chamber of Commerce, to ask questions about the local market. Even though both parties agreed it was beneficial, it probably won't lead to any business partnerships.

The idea was to give Iraqi visitors a look into the U.S. oil and gas industry compared to the market in Iraq. "And also, we are learning about the private sector," explained Alaa Abdullah, an Iraqi government oil and gas expert.

Abdullah says that, "Because [of] the private sector in [the] oil and gas [industry the U.S.], it's very low in Iraq, It does not exist."

He says, in broken English, he sees a future for privately owned oil companies in Iraq. "Since 2003, there is rapid change in Iraq for policy and for politics, and for economy. So, maybe the day will come and we will have our own private companies."

He also sees partnerships with American companies in the future, even as ideas and methods in drilling were shared in the meeting.

"Politics, since about 1978, divide us greatly," says Abdullah. Brad Stevenson, of Eastland, says both governments stand in the way. Stevenson explains that, "Technological advances that are going on right now could be shared, from both sides actually, There could be some great benefits. Unfortunatly, that's just not possible in the current political environment."

Both sides of the table seem to agree that even though the two countries cannot work together in the present, meeting with each other is a step forward. 

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