Investigation Unit: Driving School Dangers

Many parents pay for lessons to help their young driver learn the rules of the road, but we found those parents should be careful about who they're paying for these valuable classes.

Mariah Gillis couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. But before she did so her parents paid for her to take driving classes.

Instead of learning the rights and wrongs of the road, she receieved minimal teaching.

The Better Business Bureau reports there have been a spike in Driving School complaints in recent years.

They say it's important to make sure the driving instructors have legitimate licenses. They should also make sure they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Mariah's mother says word of mouth is important, too. She suggests you don't just ask for names of schools, but also ask about how things went for the other new drivers. She found out about problems only after complaining about the one she hired.

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