Is The Big Country Prepared for a Swine Flu Pandemic?

Prevention of swine flu is important, but what would happen if the flu became widespread and affected police or fire department operations? In Abilene, there is a plan.

We all think about how our family would be affected by a widespread pandemic, but what about the police department or area hospitals? A city official says they would start working with police administration and making sure overtime shifts were filled to continue providng their services.

It's wait and see. Unlike with the bird flu, this time, it seems like we're just winging it--not really prepared. Officials say it's because the virus snuck up on the nation, and nobody was prepared for the number of people that would be affected by this type of flu.

The Taylor County Health District, Hendrick Health System and Abilene Regional Medical Center have put together a pretty comprehensive list of recommendations for anyone with flu-like symptoms. A printed copy is at all of those locations.

You can plan, drill and be prepared, but every situation is a little different. That means the response will be a little different.

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