Lieutenant of Comanche VFD Details Firework Explosion

Published 07/03 2014 08:51PM

Updated 07/03 2014 09:04PM

All Fourth of July Activities have been cancelled in the small town of Comanche, Texas after a fireworks explosion occurred here at the high school at about 9:00am this morning.

The explosion sent three people to the hospital and caused one fatality. This was going to be the 24th annual Comanche fireworks display. The tens to twenty thousands of dollars that were put into this fireworks display has turned into a day of mourning for the people of the small town of Comanche.

"They were preparing fireworks for the fireworks display for tomorrow nights festivities and it was during that preparation that this incident occurred," said Marcus Nettleton, a Comanche Volunteer Fire Department Lieutenant. 

The explosion is currently under investigation by the Comanche Fire Department. They are trying to figure exactly what happened to set this explosion off but nothing has been discovered yet but they're working very hard to figure that out.

"It was in a relatively small area, like I said there were some small spot fires when we were on scene that were insignificant at that point," continued Nettleton. But it wasn't the fires that caused all the damage, it was the explosion which shook and rattled the town both physically and emotionally.

Nettleton explains that, "These people have been injured and as the statement says there's been a fatality it's one of those things distracts us to the very core of our heart."

Every year the people in Comanche and the people in surrounding areas will donate tens of thousands of dollars to help celebrate 4th of July. "It's a...every year it's a great show. It's one of the best in the area, people come from miles around to uh...see the show," said Nettleton.
However, this year there will be no Fourth of July Celebration.

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