Local Dispatchers Deal With Wild, Wacky 9-1-1 Calls

9-1-1 operators in Taylor County have heard just about anything and everything from callers.

From, "my boy friend is getting rid of his weed."...

To, "one lady just hit another lady."...

To the more common, "a truck is driving and swerved into my lane."

Dispatchers have dealt with strange and wild calls. The more unique calls help them sort out the more dangerous situations. When there's somesort of domestic disturbance, dispatchers work to figure out what is happening, how dangerous the situation is for the people involved, and what officers will face when they get there. It can be a tough task.

Of course, most calls to 9-1-1 are in an unsual situation for the caller: violence in the home, an accident, a medical emergency. So, there is obviously ging to be a lot of emotion. But whatever the reason, the calltakers job is to sort it all out and dispatch the help that is needed.

Click on the video player in the upperleft to hear some of Taylor County's more unique calls and hear how dispatchers deal with them.

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