Low Numbers Turning Out to the Polls for Runoff Elections

Published 05/27 2014 08:31PM

Updated 05/27 2014 09:03PM

Not a lot of people are going to the poles for runoff elections. It's a trend that is historically accurate, especially if there are no locals in runoffs. However, Taylor County Elections office is counting this polling season as a success.

Kristi Allyn, the Taylor County Elections Administrator says, "We had 13 hundred and 64 voters in person, and over 11 hundred ballots by mail were mailed back in."

It's the mail in ballots that made the difference. "You must be over 65 or disabled to get an annual application for a mail in ballot," explains Allyn. 

That's about 25 hundred people voting in the runoff, and with no local people involved, Allyn says that's pretty good.

Compare it to 2010, when another state wide runoff election took place with no locals, only 705 people came out to vote.

How about when there are locals? Well, the 2006 runoff election that involved Representative Susan King and Kevin Christian, over 10,000 voted. 

Allyn says, "Anytime you have a local contestant race in a runoff, typically we have more voters in Taylor County, than we do, when we have a state wide runoff."

In the 2012 runoff that pitted current Sheriff Ricky Bishop against Les Bruce, over 11,000 came out to vote.

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