Man Loses Weight Eating Out Every Day

Imagine getting to eat out every day while at the same time losing weight.

"And 60 free meals, cant argue with that?" said Cross Plains Resident Adam Zuckerman.

Sounds to good to be true?

Well, it isn't.

Just ask Adam Zuckerman, hes' already lost two belt loops after joining a weight loss competition for Genghis Grill.

"My doctor has told me that I can come off of some of my blood pressure medication, which to me is huge," said Zuckerman.

For 60 days he'll get a free meal, but it's up to him to learn how to prepare it correctly and track his weight loss plus share his story with others, using videos to show his exercise plan, share his tips and even give a dance class or two, all to inspire others to do the same.

"He's done such a great job," said

"Every time hes here were always cheering for him," said Ivan Monterrosa, an employee at the restaurant in Abilene.

He may be the only contestant in the Key City, but he's not alone in this.

He's got his wife and the employees to cheer him on.

"It's good to see somebody doing something they know they know they want change and their willing to you know do this for it," said Monterrosa.

Sure the $10,000 prize sounds nice, but for Zuckerman, the comeptition doesnt even matter.

"I've already won how can I not win?" he said.

It's checking off one less pound that's become his biggest payoff.

You can follow Zuckerman's progress by visiting his Tumblr account.

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