Multiple Blazes Keep Texas Fire Crews Busy

Hot, dry conditions mixed with high wind had fire crews all over west Texas rushing to put out the flames.

In Fisher County crews hustled to put out the fire sparking up near Roby. The same area that kept fire departments busy last week. In Coke and Nolan County crews battled a 1,200 acre fire that called in over two dozen fire trucks to put out the blaze.

"(Crews were) trying to cut the fire off before it gets all the way into (Highway) 277," said Coke County Deputy Sheriff, Emmitt Crisp.

Law enforcement were concerned the large grass fire could've swept across Highway 277, which in a matter of minutes could have put passing cars in grave danger.

"If the wind's right probably 15-20 minutes if it was moving fast enough," added Crisp.

Fortunately crews were able to gain control of the fire less than half a mile from the road. The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a notice today, warning of the increased fire danger this weekend.

"The winds pretty fierce today but they say Sunday it's going to be worse, there's more dirt in the sky," said Trooper Sparky Dean with Texas Highway Patrol.

Clouds of dirt that make patrolling fires from the sky extremely difficult. Fires continued today in Parker County and a large grass fire in Ranger Hill near Interstate-20. Reports came in another large bush fire that burned over 500 acres just north of Ballinger.

"Any kind of fire source that gets around a heat source bad things can happen we're just asking people to think ahead instead of oops," added Dean.

Fire crews from Sweetwater and Coke County will continue to monitor the Blackwell brush fire overnight.

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