News of Scurry Co. Body Found Has Many Asking: "Could it be Hailey Dunn?"

FBI agents along with State Troopers and the Scurry Co. Sheriff's office are still investigating skeletal remains found this weekend not too far from Snyder. 

Even though the remains have yet to be identified, it's hard not to think of missing teen Hailey Dunn who was reported missing from nearby Colorado City more than two years ago.

As the search continues, state troopers have blocked off the road where the human remains were found.

The bones themselves, found in an area so eerily quiet and desolate, aren't revealing much about whose they are.

"This is somebody's loved one we obviously don't know gender or age or anything at this time, but we want to do the best we can to notify next of kin," said Texas Senior State Trooper Sparky Dean.

But just a little more than 10 miles away, many are wondering,could Hailey Dunn have finally been found?

"It could be Hailey because it's been two years, it's about what her decomp [decomposition] would be," said Kristy Turner, a member of the Hope for Hailey search team that has spent the last two years searching for Dunn after she went missing from her Colorado City Home in Dec. 2010.

This isn't anything new to the searchers from Hope for Hailey.

Just a little over a year ago, another body found in Big Spring had them asking the same thing.

Yet, no matter how many times, they still have to wonder.

"We've got a really good search group that leans on each other  a lot and that's all we keep doing is just leaning on each other and we keep praying and just keeping strong you know whether it is Hailey or whether it's not," said Turner.

The group had been searching for the missing Colorado City teen just a few days before the body was found.

Immediately after the news broke..people began posting on the group's Facebook page asking whether the search is over.

"Hailey's friends called cause they know that I sometimes know the inside of what's going on and before it's released and they keep asking me and I'm like, ' I know nothing, I'm sorry, just, hang in there,'" said Turner.

For now, however, it's just a waiting game as many pray for the family of the person whose been found.

"Keep leaning on God because all we can do is sit and wait," said Turner.

Regardless if it's Hailey or not.

Trooper Sparky Dean tells us investigators will continue to investigate the site.

There's still no word as to where the remains will be sent to be examined, investigators say it will be some time before they are sent anywhere.

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