Opening Statements and Testimony Begins for Tiffany Klapheke Trial

Published 01/29 2014 11:14PM

Updated 01/29 2014 11:20PM

Matthew Jones, Master Sergeant of 7th Bomb Wing Security Squadron, was first on the scene the day Tiffany Klapheke called 911. Jones told the jury from the witness stand that when he walked into the Klapheke home he saw Tiffany Klapheke sitting on the Kitchen floor holding 22-month-old Tamryn's lifeless, soaking-wet body in a towel. Klapheke discovered Tamryn in her room, then put her in cold water to try and bring her back to life.

Jones told the jury when he walked in, Klapheke asked for his help and he immediately grabbed the child and started performing life saving measures. When Jones saw there was nothing he could do, he handed the child back to Klapheke.

A forensics officer with the Abilene Police Department also took the stand Wednesday. The officer took pictures of the home on the day of the incident. The pictures were shown to the jury on a monitor in the courtroom, while Klapheke watched. The pictures showed the conditions the children were living in. The two rooms, the master bedroom and the children's bedroom, had fecal matter on the mattresses. Those conditions, along with the overwhelming smell in the home, were also later described by two other detectives with the Abilene Police Department who testified.

Tomorrow, a six hour video of an interview with Tiffany Klapheke conducted by an Abilene Police Department detective conducted on the day she called 911 will be shown to the jury.

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