Pastor Still Supporting Indicted Church Member

An Abilene man facing multiple sexual assault charges is headed to trial, however his recent indictment on those charges this week has a church leader says he plans to still support him.

Pastor Houston McLendon at King Solomon Baptist Church used to share his stage with Jeremy Jay, a local musician who now faces multiple charges for sexual assault of a child. McLendon says he's had at least one incident involving Jay and female member of his congregation before.

"I've had one situation and I will not go into that we've talked about that situation and that's as far as I can go with that," said McLendon.

When news of Jay's indictment on one of those sexual assault charges reached his church, McLendon says he knew he had a decision to make.

"That limits my usage as a pastor of his service which hurts it really hurt me I'm not here condemning Jeremy but I still have a responsibility to the congregation," said McLendon.

McLendon has suspended Jay from playing at his church until a verdict is given but says he plans on continuing to mentor Jay regardless of the outcome.

"I've sat him down and talked to him...'You're 21-years-old and in his position as a musician a singer whatever he is a heartthrob if you've ever seen the kids he's a heartthrob and he plays well and he's always going to have a young woman or a young girl cause he's a young guy and he's got to grow up to learn to understand to say no, 'you can't have my telephone number you can't...' and he hadn't got to that point yet," said McLendon.

Jay appeared at the Taylor County Courthouse this week to plea on his multiple charges. A judge rescheduled his court date for later in April.

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