Pipes Freeze, Water Problems at AISD Schools

Published 02/04 2011 10:15PM

Updated 02/04 2011 10:46PM

When Cooper High Principal, Gail Gregg, stepped into his office he didn't think he'd need rain boots to get to his desk.

"There was just a river running down the hallway...we started tracing it and it was literally shooting through holes in the wall," said Gregg.

Gregg says about an inch of water flooded several Administration offices.

"It doesn't sound like much but that's a lot on carpet and on electrical equipment and computers," said Gregg.

The cleaning crew informed KTAB these cords are made especially for cases like this, to protect electronic equipment from unexpected water damage. Today pipes were freezing and bursting with water all over town. Abilene Water Utilities has received numerous reports of leaks in many homes and businesses.

"What we're seeing so far is all the pipes that are above ground or in the walls those are the ones that have been freezing we haven't seen a large increase in the below ground pipes yet, but we anticipate that will probably start showing up," said Wayne Lisenbee, with Abilene Water Utilities.

To get Cooper High School fixed over the weekend, cleaning crews are using carpet cleaners to get the water out of the carpets, then dehumidifiers and fans will be brought in to dry everything out.

"We're fine now unless something happens in one of the academic areas but this building will be ready to go Monday morning," added Gregg.

If you think you may have a water break, you can contact Abilene Water Utilities at (325) 676-6000.

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