Police Reveal Details About CPS Employees Tampering With Evidence

It's been a case marked by death, secrets and lies.

As a mother sits in jail after leaving her child to die, police investigate a state department for hiding details behind this tragedy.

"We became concerned about this investigation very early into this death of child investigation, in fact, within the first hours we had concerns about what was not being shared in communication with law enforcement," said Abilene Chief of Police Stan Standridge. 

Police raided several offices at the Texas Child Protective Services building in Abilene and even a car- loading up their trunks with boxes full of paperwork.

Officials say they believe several employees there tampered with crucial documents regarding 22 month old Tamryn Klapheke's death.

"Clearly one would expect that those records would assist the current criminal investigation," said Standridge.

Those employees now face criminal charges.

"The department had probable cause to suggest that documents and electronic media exists to support the continued investigation with tampering," said the chief of police.

According to the search warrant, three department supervisors are being investigated.

Police say they not only refused to help them with the case, they told their employees to not cooperate as well. 

"Items have been seized, obviously were going to have to go through extensive follow up investigation to put all of the pieces together," said Standridge.

Tifanny Klapheke was arrested in Aug. after police found her toddler dead from severe neglect.

Documents reveal CPS had three investigations regarding the Klapheke's stemming from April 2010.

Neglect had been ruled out. 

She now faces three counts of injury to a child.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues as to why state employees deliberately withheld information regarding this death

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