Police Use Taser to Bring in a Wanted Man

Late Monday night, several Abilene Police officers attempted to bring in a wanted person in the 2600 block of Russell Avenue. As police approached the house 46-year-old Larry Smith then fled.

Officers say Smith ran back into the home and grabbed what police described as a large kitchen knife and allegedly tried to stab two of the pursuing officers. A police dog helped the officers get Smith on the ground, but during the struggle, police say Smith tried to pull a gun from his waist, that's when police used a taser on Smith.

"It's definitely an unusual way, it's a great danger for the officers with him pulling the knife and the handgun, the officers would have been justified in using deadly force," said Sgt. Craig Jordan, with the Abilene Police Department.

One neighbor, Matthew Woodrome, says he noticed police staking out the area earlier on that same day.

"The whole street was lined with cops all along over here and they were looking over here in this creek that runs along here," said Woodrome.

KTAB spoke with several other neighbors who say Smith did not live at this house, but they noticed he had been staying there for the past week.

"(Police were) looking around and then they left and... last night I looked out and the whole street's lined up with cops, an ambulance and fire truck over here," said Woodrome.

Emergency responders were put on standby as Smith continued to be a threat to officers.

"Everyday we answer calls and make traffic stops not knowing how it's going to turn out, a routine traffic stop can turn into a life or death ordeal for the officer," said Sgt. Jordan.

With nearly 150 uniform Abilene Police officers now armed with tasers, situations like this can be considered a success as no shots were fired and the wanted subject was brought in without bodily harm.

The officers involved in the fights got some scratches and bruises but Sgt. Jordan says they are recovering well.

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