President Claims No Wrongdoing in College Investigation

The doors at American Commercial College are closed.

There's a sign posted on the door that indicates it wont be opening any time soon.

Just three months ago, they were once again re-enrolling students after almost a year of not being able to. 

"This has been a long nightmare for us," said Brent Sheets, President of American Commercial College.

That nightmare began  more than a year ago, when federal agents raided the college after allegations of employees forging records and falsifying documents.

"None of those have been substantiated, it was only an allegation," said Sheets.

Yet, it appears to be a lot more than an allegation on a document sent to the schools president from personnel at the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

The documents state that personnel at TWC conducted their own investigation and found proof of falsifying student employment and forging students signatures by employees at both Lubbock and Abilene campuses.

It states that employees at both schools admitted to falsifying reports and that they were directed to do so by ACC management.

The president there blames it on one mad employee.

"There's never been a single issue until this former disgruntled employee started this," said Sheets.                                                   

If you go online to the school's website, everything seems normal until you scroll down and notice that both the Lubbock and Abilene campuses have been removed.                                              

"I hope at some point when we reopen we can tell you candidly the entire story," said Sheets.

Until then, personnel at ACC have asked to reapply to be certified, but it doesn't mean the coast is clear.  

"There's a difference between applying to be a career Texas school and being approved and certified to operate a career school in Texas," said  Mark Lavergne of TWC.

Without that approval, a Texas career college, like ACC in Abilene and Lubbock, can't operate.

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