Puddles Breed Dangers for West Nile Virus: How You Can Prepare

You can spray,  even smack, but there's no getting rid of them.

"There's mosquitoes everywhere and you know, it bites them," said Mariana Torres, who lives in Abilene.

Torres doesn't want to have the same scare as last year.

She thought her two year old daughter had been infected with the West Nile Virus.

"She had a fever of 105 (degrees) for two weeks," she said.

Torres is thankful it wasn't, but as much as she tries,  there's no stopping her kids from getting bitten.

"I'm trying to have them sheltered as much as I can," said Torres.
Puddles are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, so experts say if you want to help out in getting rid of the West Nile Virus, clear out any standing water near your home.

"Old tires, gutters, any standing water that they have in little containers they need to get rid of," said Glenn Bailey, the Abilene Environmental Health Manager.

Abilene public health workers have been setting out traps since April to catch mosquitoes and ship them off to be tested for the virus.

While you may be thankful for the most recent storms, they aren't as happy about the puddles.

It only takes a week for mosquitoes to breed and there have already been reports of the West Nile Virus in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

"There's no reason to believe that Abilene wont have some West Nile Virus mosquitoes," said Bailey.

"There's no vaccine, so people have to protect themselves," said Durilla.

That means using plenty of insect repellent and not taking the symptoms lightly.

"When they start having that headache along with not feeling good and the stiff neck and high fever, they don't need to delay they need to see the doctor right away," said Durilla.

That's something Torres doesn't want to have to go through again and the reason shes already loading up on her weapon of choice.

Experts recommend you use repellent with DEET. 

There's now a clip you can use that emits repellent which Durilla says is safe to use near young children or babies.

Officials for the city of Abilene say they expect to have the results of the mosquitoes shipped out for testing in by next week.

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