Reusable Shopping Bags May Be Risky For Your Health

These days everyone is trying to reduce waste, and reusable grocery bags are more popular than ever. Some warn that if these bags aren't properly cared for, they could put your family's health at risk.

Food safety experts say reusable bags can become a breeding ground for bacteria like coliform or e-coli. Infection from these can cause stomach pains, vomitting, and diarrhea.

One easy way to keep germs at bay is to designate certain bags for meat and others for produce and ready-to-eat foods. This can prevent cross contamination. The plastic coating found at bottom of some bags can also be washed and sanitized using a bleach solution or sanitizer wipes.

While the Centers for Disease Control say there have been no reported outbreaks of bag related illnesses, food experts maintain that it's often tough to pinpoint just where a food illness stems from. They urge people to take proper precautions when using recyclable bags.

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