Road Rage Victim's Family: I Can Have Faith in the Police

News of Chris North's indictment and that he had turned himself in brought a great sense of relief to Austin David's family this afternoon.

"I lost my baby my son lost his brother my grandchildren lost their father," said Sari David, Austin's mother.

Sari says there's nothing that can bring back her son 21-year-old Austin David. However news that the man who shot him last week was indicted today, gives her and her family a sense of relief.

"I'm just really happy that steps are finally getting taken to get some justice I'm really happy that I can have faith in the police and the court system," said older brother, Cole David.

For now the David family is putting their faith in the justice system.

"His punishment should be the most it can be but I'm confident that a jury of his peers will make the right decision," said Sari.

Even after the case is brought to a Grand Jury, the memories left behind are what Austin's loved ones are holding onto.

"My brother really lived his life to the fullest I mean he was here for a short time but he made the best out of it but eventually I'll have to forgive him just so I can be sane in the head," added Cole.

As the David's work through their grief, it's leaning on one another and recalling funny stories from Austin's life, that's helping them move forward.

"Nothing's going to bring my baby back, nothing's going to allow my son to tuck his babies in at night, to see his daughter get married, to see his son play football...nothings going to bring that back," said Sari.

The David family said they really do appreciate all the kind words of support that have come in, but added that it's been hard reading negative comments that have been written about this case.

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