Search for Missing HSU Student Continues

It's been a couple days since Kiefer Holman, 19, went missing after a boating accident on Lake Ray Hubbard. Two of Holman's friends, Traci Cooper and Chris Dalrymple, were with him when winds started blowing at over 20 miles per hour.

"As we were trying to turn around come back it tipped us over," Cooper said.

Cooper and Dalrymple were able to swim to shore, all the while thinking that Holman was not far behind.

"He was right behind us most of the way, then he started hanging back.  He started trying to float, I think honestly it was just a mixture of just getting tired and it was just a mental beat down," said Dalrymple.

Since Saturday, searchers have dredged the areas where Holman was last seen. Bringing in dive teams to help.

"We've identified several target (areas) yesterday and today, but yesterday we cleared all the targets that we've found except for one we tried to clear it this morning but the wind is so high right now," said Capt. Garry Collins with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

A freshman at Hardin Simmons University and a starter on the soccer team, friends say Holman was a wonderful guy who was easy to talk with.

"Just his year here had more impact than a lot of people here.  Just how proud we are of him, just how big of an impact he's made, how great of a guy he is, and that even though he might be gone he'll always be in all of our hearts," said teammate, Stephen Salas.

Head HSU Soccer Coach Dan Heger and the rest of the team say they're praying Holman's family finds peace in this tragic situation.

"I know that Kiefer had a lot of faith, and that we have a lot of faith, and we just pray for the family.  I think Kiefer is just in a strong motion of love," said Heger.

Searchers say the next step will be to bring in cadaver dogs in their search for Holman.

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